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In Photoshop: 

File → New → 22 inches wide x ( insert height wanted )

Resolution 300 Pixels / Inch * Very important so your artwork stays in high quality

RGB Color

Background: Transparent and Click create!

Start importing your vector art into that sheet and scale artwork to the size you need.

Save as PNG when finished and sent to our email :

Make sure to leave 0.25 inch margin all around sheet

If your file is too large to send via email, you can send via a WeTransfer link




If you are making a large sheet, example: 22 x 300 inches of all the SAME images, you DO NOT need to send us a file that is 300 inches long!

Instead you can make a smaller sheet such as a 22 x 50 inches and then let us know you need 6 copies of that.

This will save you time and work and will result in a file that is not too heavy to send and load.


Separate your artwork!

For best printing results, separate your larger images from your smaller left chest or images with small details.

Smaller artwork such as those for the left chest with small letters/details or even large back images but with very small details are best to be ganged together. 

If you are purchasing for example a sheet of 22 inches x 48 inches, you can send in 2 parts – 

1 sheet with your larger images and1 sheet with your small detailed images making sure the total length equals 48 inches (or the total amount bought)


Artwork NOT recommended for DTF

Glow effects

Transparency / Opacity Effects

Thin / Small Fine Details

These items above will not print as intended and will not adhere properly to your garments as they cannot get a good white underbase needed.

Wording less than 0.35 inches is not recommended 

Any fine, tiny details will not adhere to the transfer. Be sure to add a stroke and make any fine details thicker for best results. 




Pressing Instructions

Set heat press to 300-320 degrees Fahrenheit

Press for 10 seconds with medium pressure (approx. 30-40 PSI)

Wait about 3 to 5 seconds Hot/Warm Peel

Carefully peel from corner downward 

Cover with Teflon sheet and repress for 10 more seconds to seal in your design






How long is your turnaround time to send my  order out?

Our current around is approximately 1-2 business days not including weekends or holidays.


Can you send my order quicker? I need my order ASAP rushed!

Yes, of course! We offer a SAME DAY print service for a fee of $50.

This gets you ahead of the list and priority printing services.

Please note you need to submit your order AND ready to print artwork before 12pm for cut off.


How long will it take for shipping?

We ship primarily via UPS ground. Shipping transit time will depend on your location and can usually take from 2-5 business days. At checkout time, we offer various upgrades including 3 day, 2 day, and overnight options.


Do you check my artwork?

The buyer is responsible for providing the correct artwork. We do not check your artwork.

*IF* we see something that is NOTICEABLY WRONG, we will let you know.


How do I press your transfers?

Set heat press to 300-320 degrees Fahrenheit

Press for 10 seconds with medium pressure (approx. 40PSI)

Wait 3 to 5 seconds (warm/hot peel)

Carefully peel from corner downward

Cover with Teflon sheet and repress for 10 more seconds to seal in your design


Can you make my gang sheet?

If you need assistance, please contact us and we are happy to help guide you. We can also create it for you for a fee.

My colors don’t look the same as my screen.

Every computer monitor has a different display of color due to settings so on different computer monitors, the same image will vary slightly. We cannot guarantee the color you see on your screen is the exact same that will be printed. Please use pantone coloring for best results versus just finding a color on the color bar as that is not ideal for printing.


Do you have any sizing suggestions for shirts?

Adults Left Chest: 3 to 3.7 inches

Adults Full Back: 10-11 inches

Adults Full Front: 9-10.5 inches

Youth Shirts Front: 8 inches

Toddler Shirts Front: 6 inches

Babies Shirt Front: 4.5-5 inches

**These are just SUGGESTIONS, if you are unsure, please measure before ordering. We are not responsible for sizing.



Shipping from AL within 1-2 business days–we’re here to help!

Competitive Pricing and Fast Turnarounds, contact Excellence Print & Design Now for an order!.


We offer a quick 1-2 business day turnaround and great quality! Get in contact with us to make an order!.


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We are happy to assist you– contact us to get an order going! We can get it out in 1-2 business days!.

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